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  • VIQC

    Quebec city

    Remote environmental data acquisition

    The Saint-Charles lake is the main fresh water reserve for the city of Quebec. Ensuring the quality of drinking water requires important labor costs and laboratory analyses, occassioning a delay to obtain the results. Preventing the impacts of drinking water contamination requires constant water quality testing, using physico-chemical parameters. It also requires a quick response, especially in case of point source contamination, during periods of water flood or after an accidental spill.

  • ECCC

    Environment and Climatic Change Canada

    Acoustic software development

    The presence of Bicknell's Thrush (Catharus bicknelii) is commonly assessed through active listening inventories. These surveys involve the presence of experienced ornithologists in the field at hours that raise safety concerns. By using autonomous recording units, it is now possible to survey bird activity and avoid sending technicians in the field over long time periods. However, listening to audio recordings manually in search of bird vocalizations can be time consuming and requires advanced skills in sound pattern recognition.

  • PSAG

    Port of Saguenay

    Environmental impact study on bats

    The Saguenay Port Authority plans to build a marine terminal in the North Shore of the Saguenay river. An environmental impact study is required to document the potential effects of the construction, maintenance, operation, and dismantling phases of the equipment on bats.

  • SNC


    Acoustic inventory of bats

    SNC-Lavalin is one of the leading engineering and construction groups in the world. As part of its environmental services, SNC-Lavalin is brought to perform wildlife inventories that may require an expertise in bioacoustics.

  • GCQ

    Groupe Chiroptères du Québec

    Building a web application

    With the recent bat conservation concerns associated with the white nose syndrome, the Groupe Chiroptères du Québec (GCQ) wished to create a free and easily accessible tool for Canadian citizens and non-profit organisations, that automatically identify bat species of eastern Canada from their recorded echolocation calls.

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WavX was created in 2016 to provide a bioacoustic approach combined with artificial intelligence for companies specializing in monitoring biodiversity. We have built WavX with the ambition of becoming the Canadian leader in wildlife acoustic survey and Nature application development, but also with the obsession of bringing the best services at the best price. We believe this can be done through the automation of our data acquisition, management and analysis processes, and our strategic partnerships with research. With a wealth of experience in programming and performing acoustic surveys, we have created a team of consultants that provides the excellence required every day by our clients.




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François Fabianek

François Fabianek

Graduated from Laval University since 2015 with a PhD in Forest Sciences, François has specialized in bioacoustics with a certain enthusiasm for biostatistics and maching learning. He is co-founder of WavX.

Jean Marchal

Jean marchal

Graduated from Laval University since 2017 with a PhD in Forestry Sciences, Jean has developed expertise in programming, data analysis and modeling. He is in charge of the development of web, desktop and mobile applications. He co-founded WavX.


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